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Highlight your hourglass figure and emphasize your curves by using a bum lift shape wear. You really need it to attain a sultry look because it is unavoidable. Appealing curves are the thing for which everyone tries to attain. With the passage of age, most of the people lose their muscles grip and it causes saggy butts.

Do not worry, bum lifter comes with the 100% amazing results because it offers a sizzling shape to your figure. So, have a look on its positive traits that will make you an icon when you are in this attire. Yes, it offers a wonderful option to be in shape all the time. Do not waste your time on repenting on the saggy bums. Buy some nude shade for the excellent fit and attain a sizzling look.

Why is Waist Erase right Choice?

Looking for something more? Give a support to your beautiful curves by using the Bum Lifter. The bum lifting pants offer a curvier look and makes you appear attractively in your clothes. If you are not in comfort then you are not wearing the right size or maybe, you have selected a wrong size.  At Waist Erase, you will find a huge variety of these items like coat thermals, bum shape wear, butt push up, butt shaper, hip shaper, booty pant and many more.

Waist Erase will be your right choice because of several reasons. Some of the effective and solid reasons are given below.

Offers a 100% feminine beauty

Do you want to attain a flat look? This bum lift underwear is an excellent item for you that is designed for offering back smoothing and lifting the bums. It fits in a flexible way at bust line to offer a beautiful feminine look. It accentuates your feminine beauty. With targeted tummy shaping, it has a figure flattering designs. This hand ash item is good to offer a perfect look. It can be the best bum bra for wedding dress because it covers all the roll ups on your tummy.

Perfect fit for plus size women

If you have a bulky figure then you must use these butt shaping panties. It is an ideal choice for you because it is a comfortable item and you can wear it for the long time. Now you can attend the party, wedding function or any other event in this body shaper. It is the best choice for you because it can accentuate your feminine beauty.

Breathable fabric

Make your entrance memorable with the floral shower by wearing these but lifters under your clothing. You will love it because of the stylish design, high-quality and a variety of sizes. This 100% pure fabric is ideal to attain a perfect sultry look. It designed with exclusive quality material. It increases the durability of the fabric. These are available in the breathable lace and cotton fabric. The attire is highly flexible and comfy. This is the reason, you can wear it for the long time. The comfortable fabric makes it cozy for you.

The 100% Spandex fabric is comfortable for the women who need to reduce your bulky body. Yes, you can use this body shaper to attain a slim look. This is the reason, you will find this butt shaping underwear a comfortable minimizer. The breathable fabric is easy to care and wash. You must wash it in low temperature and by hand. It will not lose its shine because fabric color is permanent. The quality of the material that is used in the embellishment of the dress is very high.

High-Quality manufacturing

The butt push up comes with an elastic free leg construction. This body shaper delivers an entirely smooth impression. If you have roll ups in your body around the tummy then do not forget wearing it under clothes. It is breathable and offers a smooth feel. In the top waist, the silicon elastic offers a wonderful fitting and lets not to slip it. The 2-ply front panel is ideal for its perfect shape and smooth feel. You will find it the best shapewear plus size women.

Offers longevity

The bold details of the butt enhancing underwear make it a timeless addition in the list of the body shapers. You can wear it under any attire even under the comfy fabric that lace printed with incredible style. You do not compromise on quality. It means by quality, the durability of the fabric, powerful fiber, permanent color and others. For users, it is very easy to care and wash. You can wash it by hand in your home without using chemicals or powerful detergents. The 100% polyester fiber is ideal for resisting against stains. The color of thread and fabric is permanent. It will never lose its shine. You can use it for the long time. 

Available in all sizes

The classy butt lifting tights deliver an exotic impression with the stylish silhouette that is designed in a fancy way. You can wear this body shaper on any of your favorite dress. It decorates the dress in sultry accent. You can wear this body shaper under your bridal dress, wedding fabric and gowns that boast stylish hem in a gorgeous style. The chic item is ideal for different occasions like wedding attire, evening dress, celebrations or any other festival. This winsome bum lift underwear is available in a variety of size. The website have presented a size chart on the website. You can choose the size and order online. Mention your size from the list of the XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and 2X.


This bum lifter at Waist Erase, with a perfect fitting is sure to radiate the romance and will offer you a different look that is not common in brides. So, you can use it under your bridal dress, mermaid gown or any other silhouette. These modern designs of the bum lift shapewear enhance the modern impact of your bridal look. The delicate designs are ideal for producing the impact of natural beauty. It is designed as per the trends of modern time. The preference is to follow the fashion that will give you a modern and sleek look. 

How bum bra is beneficial for you? With a pull on closure, this is one of the best item for you. You can wear it under your jeans to cover the tummy. It offers a complete coverage in front and thong styling in back. It comes with the no-pinch leg opening design that offers a smooth transition to the legs. Prevent your body from digging and rolling by shaping waistband. If you want to get its long term use then it is good to take care of the item. Follow the instruction given on the package. It is a hand wash item, so you should avoid washing it in the washing machine.

Ways to wear the butt lifters


When you wear the butt shaping panties, make sure, that you have wrapped it around your waist in a proper way. This is an attire that you have to wear on the formal and casual events. So, you must take care of its formalities. But, it is easy to wear with a classic top. It is vital to learn how you can pair your clothes with the other accessories.

How can you pair with other accessories?

It is quite simple to pair the dress with other tops if you are using it as every day wear. You can pair butt shaping panties with a plain tweed jacket that compliments the design and color of the dress you wear on the butt lifter. Buckles or belts are important to use with the dress.

Is it important to focus on quality?

Yes, it is vital to choose high-quality fabric. Most of the designers offer this attire and their prime focus is to provide a high-quality of the dress. The entire collection at Waist Erase is designed with exclusive quality. The 100 % breathable fabric is highly comfy, and it is the primary fabric. The stuff is of high-quality, and it will not tear after some uses. It is durable. The standard size of the butt shaping underwear will be elegant on your smart body. It needs to be careful about washing the attire if you find it tidy after use, but the color and shine of the fabric will never fade out in some washes. Yes, it is long-lasting because it contains 100% pure fiber that has stain-resistant quality.

100 % guaranteed items

You will be satisfied all its features and use. The butt lifting tights offer an array of lines or prints. This attire can be designed in the shiny accent increases the splendor of your sultry persona. These are available for the wedding and other formal events after your marriage in other functions and parties. Cotton is the standard fabric that most of the women use. This fabric is good for other events like evening functions, festivals, and other celebrations.

Final thoughts:


You can purchase these butts push up online and get the order at your pace. It will be good for you to check the delivery policy before ordering the product. Your order will be delivered at your given location in 5 to 6 working days. The policy can be different for the international orders.